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We make bars better by design.

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Unfiltered Hospitality offers real solutions in beverage and bar consulting. Our holistic approach combines experience, modern tools and engaging education to provide world class services now, and for the life of your business.

What We Offer

Bar Design & Build Out

Profitable bars start with optimal design and equipment. With over 30 years combined bartending and bar managing experience, we design bars that seamlessly blend style and performance.

Menu Creation & Roll Out

A great menu is not just a collection of drinks. It is the physical connection between your concept, your staff and your guest. We make menus that tell a story, that staff like to sell and that excite your guests.

Process Implementation

Everyone has the same goals. Not everyone has the same systems. Daily habits and routines can make or break your business. We create systems that increase profitability and decrease daily headaches.

Staff Training & Employee Engagement

An engaged and well trained staff is the most valuable asset in hospitality. We offer objective specific trainings and build teams that promote company culture.

Manager Coaching & Development

Managers set the bar for what your business can achieve. We provide the tools and strategy to create difference makers in your business.

Performance Review

The only way to win is by keeping a score. We put measurable figures to every important aspect of your business and develop a plan to communicate them with staff and move in the direction of your goals.

Book a quick chat to talk about how Unfiltered can help you build a better experience with bigger profits.


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The Unfiltered Method


Daily habits and procedures that save time, increase focus and generate profits.


Engaged employees know what is expected of them, love the business and produce results.


Create offerings that excite your guests and feel authentic to your concept.


Identify measurements in your business so everyone knows what's important.


Andrei (Owner)

"It was such a great experience to work with Unfiltered, they exceeded expectations on their drive to deliver extraordinary drinks, while accounting for operational ease and fast execution! They have been a great asset in upping our bar experience, and we always turn to them when its time to do it again."

Ryan (Director of Operations)

"Unfiltered embraced our concept, branding, and style and developed, trained, and implemented the perfect bar program. It was replicable, clear, concise, and direct. They brought us the tools to succeed and ensured we understood their value, use, and function. 

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Book a quick chat to talk about how Unfiltered can help you build a better experience with bigger profits.