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That's News?

We Need Some Space

Aging wine in space really softens the tannins of a nice Bordeaux. Such are the findings of a recent experiment conducted by Space Cargo Unlimited. The company sent a case of Petrus to the international space station to orbit the earth for just over a year. Upon its return to earth, 12 experts from the Institute of Wine and Vine Research in Bordeaux tasted the wines and concluded that time spent in space accelerated the aging of the wines, softening the tannins...

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That's News?

Something To Wine About

The Pandemic has been good to the middle class. Middle class wines that is. An article published this week in The Drinks Business details how middle tier wines that usually suffer in times of financial crisis are flourishing during the pandemic. Their explanations are few, but some speculation is that with the closure of on-premise, consumers are more comfortable splitting the markup difference and splurging on the above entry level marks. Simultaneously,...
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