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That's News?


We lead this week with good news for our Miami readership: The world's first study into whether MDMA can be used to treat alcohol addiction has produced "incredibly exciting" results, according to British researchers. As reported in an article published last week in The Times of London researchers studied a group of people with severe alcoholism. Before their therapy, they had been drinking an average of about 130 alcoholic units a week. (British Alcohol units are a...

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That's News?

IHOPe You Weren't Expecting Pancakes

We start out with sad news this week. Or is it a silver lining story? Last Tuesday was National Pancake Day. This year unfortunately, revelers who made the pilgrimage to their local IHOP to claim a free short stack of pancakes were confronted with the sobering reality that a global pandemic is not the best time to pack out everyone's favorite chain diner (sorry, Denny's). Instead, in a move to both boost enrollment in their MyHOP customer...

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