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That's News?

We Need Some Space

Aging wine in space really softens the tannins of a nice Bordeaux. Such are the findings of a recent experiment conducted by Space Cargo Unlimited. The company sent a case of Petrus to the international space station to orbit the earth for just over a year. Upon its return to earth, 12 experts from the Institute of Wine and Vine Research in Bordeaux tasted the wines and concluded that time spent in space accelerated the aging of the wines, softening the tannins and increasing the floral aromatic notes. One time I forgot a bottle of 2014 Yellowtail Shiraz under the passenger seat of my car for like 2 years and had very similar findings, which was nice.

Great Balls of Fire

Fans of Fireball Whisky can all breathe a collective, cinnamon-flavored big sigh of relief. The popular spicy shooter will finally be distributed throughout mainland China courtesy of the fine folks at Budweiser China. If you, like us, have been avoiding travel to China due to their lack of Sazerac-owned favorites such as Fireball, Goldschlager, Southern Comfort, and Seagrams VO, go ahead and book your flights, cause the wait is over. We here baby!

Is That a Coa in Your Pocket or Are You Just Happy to See Us?

In not-so-related news, the 50 best bars of Asia were announced last week with Coa Hong Kong taking home the top spot. Coa is a small agave spirits-focused bar in the city's Lan Kwai Fong district. The mission of the bar is to bring the energy of Mexico and Oaxaca to Hong Kong through spirits, ambiance, and hospitality. This announcement comes as a big victory to bars without a rotovap.

Our Thoughts

It feels like Asia's 50 best bars list has long been dominated by big budget hotel bars, expat-driven high profile openings, and experimental cocktail clubs with an equipment list longer than most hospitals. The crowning of Coa as top bar in Asia showcases a point that we try and drive home whenever possible: A strong concept paired with consistent delivery always wins. It may take some connections, some PR, and a highly visitable location to hit the top of these lists, but if you know your why and your product and service reflect it, you will always be busy and beloved. For more on how we feel on this subject, visit our Linkedin, Instagram, or our website.

What Else?

I have no idea what's happening here, but I wish it was Fireball.


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