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That's News?

Something To Wine About

The Pandemic has been good to the middle class. Middle class wines that is. An article published this week in The Drinks Business details how middle tier wines that usually suffer in times of financial crisis are flourishing during the pandemic. Their explanations are few, but some speculation is that with the closure of on-premise, consumers are more comfortable splitting the markup difference and splurging on the above entry level marks. Simultaneously, the wealthy are looking for value in wines from top-tier regions made by lesser known producers. We're happy to see this trend in wine, and hope that it means people will bring $35 bottles of Cab over to our place for dinner on a more frequent basis.

What's That Smell?

They say that smell is the strongest sense tied to memory, so it makes perfect scents that Molson/Coors would release a line of scented candles designed around everyones favorite beer drinking experiences. There is "Dive Bar" (musk, tobacco, and yeast aromas), "Beer Garden" (moss, warm pretzel, cracked wood and sunblock), and "Gameday Bar" (salted peanut, jalapeño, and cracked leather). At $20 a pop they aren't cheap, but at least the proceeds are being donated to service industry charities.

Instagrabsome Cold Ones

Instagram is not just for meme pages and butt models anymore. Wall Street analysts are now using the platform as one of their primary methods for predicting drinking trends. According to their research, RTD's are the next segment to blow up. Hard seltzer is crushing it with the 21 - 29 year old market, but RTD's appeal to the 30 - 44 year olds in a major way. The researchers predict that in the next 5 years RTD's will grow to be a $3 - $4 billion market.

Our Thoughts

Instagram is a petri dish for spreading infectious ideas. Kind of like the idea we had that if you want a long term culture of success in your bars, you have to develop it from the inside. That's why we advertise Better Menu Maker on Instagram all the time. Because we want to infect you with better ideas, better bar tools, and better coaching so that people visit your bars instead of buying RTD's at home. Or something like that. If you want to learn more, drop us a line here or visit our Instagram page or linked-in, we're basically everywhere except Tik Tok.

What Else?

This weekend we're doing something a little fancy and a little weird -- we're going to be bartending at 901 at the Hyatt Centric in Las Olas. It's called Semi-Formal and we'll be throwing cocktails like those handsome chaps at Boadas in Spain. No, they didn't invent throwing cocktails and neither did we. We just wanted to do something different that might make waiting for cocktails just a little bit more enjoyable.
By the time you read this, we'll probably be fully committed. If you want to roll the dice, shoot us an email here and we'll let you know if we have any seats available.
Now check out this neat video of these Boadas guys crushing it.

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