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That's News?

How Much Wood...

We lead this week with a story filed under "things that make you go 'Woof.'" Woodchuck Hard Cider sold this week for $20 million. Which would be great, if the previous owner hadn't bought it 9 years ago for $305 million. C&C Group out of Dublin Ireland, owners of big name ciders like Magners and others, made a big bet on the growing US cider market in 2011 and were rewarded with, well, nothing. Woodchuck reminds us of college parties and the good ol' days when hard seltzer had sugar and was made from fruit. We miss those days and we sincerely wish Woodchuck and its new ownership team the best.

Electric Tequila

Tesla Tequila sold out again this week in 30 minutes. The añejo Tequila, sold in a lightning shaped bottle was last stocked back in November when it sold out in a few hours and immediately showed up on the resale market. On one hand this feels like that Kanye West song where the whole last verse is just him saying "scoop poopity whoop", but on the other hand, we're dying to experience the rich caramel and vanilla notes that could only be crafted by Elon and his team of tech wizards.

Love Thyself

Self-care in the beverage industry is generally an afterthought. An article published last week in Nation's Restaurant News brings some attention to this fact, as well as some perspective on how to prioritize a few minutes for yourself amidst the chaos of industry life.

Our Thoughts

A career in Food and Beverage is not for the faint of heart. Stress levels are high and opportunities to decompress outside of afterwork shift drinks are low. The vast majority of us that make a living in hospitality approach life in a shift to shift mindset. It's this mindset that actually makes the work more daunting. When we set goals, plan, and visualize the future, the drama of today is less important than what we are working toward. Setting goals for the long, medium, and short range changed our careers forever. When we started Better Menu Maker we thought it was about teaching people to make better drinks with a smoother roll out. What we learned is that these things happen through developing better management skills. Better management skills begin with setting goals, identifying the tools needed, and setting a plan in motion to achieve them. If you are interested in becoming a better manager and making better drinks and living a better life in the process, drop us a line here and we'll give you a call.

What Else?

For those of you who want a little more Unfiltered in your life, please join us this Thursday 3/25 at Death or Glory in Delray Beach. We'll be doing a little menu we call "Highballin" featuring Fever Tree and Chinola Passion Fruit Liqueur. No better way to wrap up your week than a few long refreshing cocktails with your old pals Gui and Ben.

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